Rainflowers Works with UC Riverside’s Senior Engineering Students

We wanted to find out how sturdy these need to be to survive a proper El Niño storm, so we enlisted a team of students at UC Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering. While their classmates took on projects for NASA, our team worked to ensure life as we know it on this planet can continue a little longer. While their work is not complete, and we still have our work cut out for us, we’re glad to have seen our team’s work, and to know what they can do.

The link below downloads their presentation. What’s interesting is that originally, I had wanted Rainflowers to open and close, but my partner and builder Michael pointed out that it’d be a lot more affordable if it’s always open, so we moved forward with that option. We would like to offer a retractable version at some point, but for now we’ll focus on keeping it simple.

Rainflowers Engineering deck

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